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Co2 Cedar<sup>®</sup> 1As a contemporary cladding manufacturer and saw mill we aim to provide our customers with the best durable timber for their cladding projects. We supply a range of of profile cladding suitable for modern, rustic and traditional situation. Three are "closed" i.e. provides a solid wall- PTGV tongue and grove, shiplap and shadow gap and one "open" - Rain Screen which allows air to circulate.

Co2 Cedar<sup>®</sup> 2Our Co2 Cedar® (Imported) FSC, PEFC certified compliant and we aim to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum and encourage sustainable practices. For example we use our off cuts in our commercial wood burning stove to heat our workshop in winter and provide heat for our kiln drying process.

Our Imported Canadian Western Red Cedar is grade #2 (allowing 15% #4) meaning it is one of the top quality of imported cedar with very few knots, and quality graded BS 1186-3 Class 1. It can treated (please see our accessories page) but with a durability rating of 2 (BS EN 350 timber durability class) it can be left to naturally age.

We supply to Trade, DIY's, Contractors, Builders, Manufactures, Architects and deliver locally and nationally.

If you can't see what you want on the website, or have any question please contact us.

Co2 Cedar® Cladding is kiln dried, planed and profiled ready for installation. Timber has excellent thermal properties, is environmentally friendly and adheres to the codes for sustainable homes (CODE LEVEL 6). Furthermore it requires minimal expertise to work with and install.

Co2 Cedar<sup>®</sup> 3

Above are images of the different types of cladding we supply, it's very much a personal choice depending on whether you want a rustic, traditional or contemporary finish.
Co2 Cedar<sup>®</sup> 4

Due to it adaptability there are thousands of situation which lend themselves to cladding with timber rather than PVC or alternative materials.

Typical uses :- Summer houses, Green houses, Conservatory, garden offices/workshops, fencing, and as the traditional cladding of barns, houses and offices. We have some images on our Customer Projects.