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Advice & Information

Our timber tiles are made from home grown virgin timber or imported virgin timber. It is all FSC certified and comes from well managed sustainable forests.

All the timber we use to make our tiles is durable and perfectly suitable for internal or external use, for external use a suitable oil can be applied to delay the greying process or it can be left to naturally turn silver/grey.

Internally timber tiles require no treatment but you can apply a suitable oil which will enhance the natural colours of the wood. Alternatively the tiles can be coloured using a watered-down emulsion paint in the colours of your choice.

Look and feel

Depending on the look you require home grown timber will achieve a rustic – country look while imported timber will give a modern contemporary look. Home grown timber has more knots and blemishes while imported timber has very few knots and blemishes.

Home grown timber generally has a very even colour while imported timber has a wide variety of colours often on an individual tile.

Timber tiles can be fixed to battens or stuck directly to the wall or stuck to a backing board and then hung onto your wall. We supply timber tiles as a mix of sizes or all one size dependant of the look you are trying to achieve, the are very easy to install having a tongue and groove with a V joint – They just slot together creating a unique wall tile /brick effect.

Unique by design – Designed to be unique