British Larch Premium Shadow Gap Cladding

British Cladding stains

Premium Shadow Gap Cladding

18mm X 142mm X 2400mm/3600mm

Cover width of 135mm.

From £5.86 per metre - £43.39 Square Metre

18mm X 65mm X 2400mm/3600mm

Cover width of 58mm.

£3.08 per metre - From £53.01 Square Metre

SKU Lengths Price
PSG-155BL18mm X 65mm X 2400mm£ 8.11
PSG-148BL18mm X 65mm X 3600mm£ 11.07
PSG-154BL18mm X 142mm X 2400mm£ 14.76
PSG-145BL18mm X 142mm X 3600mm£ 21.08

All prices Ex VAT and Delivery

British Larch Cladding Diagram

Co2 larch British Premium shadow Gap Cladding
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Timberclad British Larch Shadow gap is a traditional cladding profile, our premium product we have "radiused" the corners and routered two tension relieving groves in the rear face. It still retains all the contemporary feature of shadow gap interlocking top and bottom and can be fitted either horizontally or vertically.

It remains popular with architects as a style of cladding, the pronounced "square shadow gap" visually enhance the building when lit by sunlight or modern lighting. Wood offer a practical as well as pleasant "easy on the eye" warm feeling when used to clad a building.

Stainless steal nails or screws fixing should be used. For a "smooth face appearance" it can be installed using "secret fixing".

British Larch can be treated with oil or just leave it to turn a natural silver/grey colour. Please see our Accessories Page

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Our Co2 British Larch is FSC Forest Stewardship Council compliant.

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