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British Western Red Cedar - Sawn Timber - Posts

We offer fresh sawn (green) and kiln dried cedar boards in lengths of:-

1800mm, 2400mm and 3600mm

For full listing see below.

Fresh saw is more suitable for external project being carried out in Autumn through to spring.

Kiln dried is more suitable for internal project and external projects in the summer months.

Our fence posts come in lengths of:-

2400mm and 3600mm

Suitable for fencing and landscaping projects. Available in British Western Red Cedar and British Douglas Fir.

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British Cedar Sawn Planks

Prices for Fresh Sawn Cedar.

SKU Size MM Each
FS-116-BWRC22 X 100 x 1800£ 6.44
FS-114-BWRC22 X 100 X 2400£ 8.60
FS-113-BWRC22 X 100 X 3600£ 12.90
FS-115-BWRC22 X 150 X 1800£ 9.77
FS-112-BWRC22 x 150 x 2400£ 12.44
FS-111-BWRC22 x 150 x 3600£ 18.76

Prices for Kiln Dried Cedar.

SKU Size MM Each
KDB-105-BWRC22 X 100 X 1800£ 7.18
KDB-106-BWRC22 X 100 X 2400£ 9.54
KDB-107-BWRC22 X 100 X 3600£ 14.37
KDB-108-BWRC22 X 150 X 1800£ 10.94
KDB-109-BWRC22 X 150 X 2400£ 13.93
KDB-110-BWRC22 X 150 X 3600£ 19.90

Fence Posts

Timber Size Price
Cedar 2.460mm x 60mm x 2400mm£12.18
Cedar 3.660mm x 60mm x 3600mm£18.27
Doug fir 2.475mm x 75mm x 2400mm£22.08
Doug fir 3.675mm x 75mm x 3600mm£33.11
All Prices Exc. V.A.T. and Delivery.
For hardwood and imported timbers please see:- Canadian Western Red Cedar   -  Siberian Larch  -  Hardwood Balau   -   Red Grandis   -  Scandinavian Redwood  -  British Larch


When selecting your timber type for your project it is worth taking in to consideration BS EN 350 timber durability class.

Durability is the ability of a species to resist decay either naturally or through preservatives. The Class is based on the ability of the heartwood (inner part of the tree) to resist fungal decay. The sapwood (the living outermost portion of the tree)is considered not durable and should not be used for external projects without preservative.

BS EN 350 has 5 classes of durability they are:-

Class 1 to 3 can be left as untreated timber, a natural ageing process will accrue e.g. Cedar will turn a grey colour. Class 4 and 5 will need to be treated with preservatives.

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All Prices Exc. V.A.T. and Delivery.

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