Co2timber Rain Screen Closed

British Western Red Cedar Rain Screen Closed Cladding

65mm X 19mm and 140mm X 19mm

Cover width 55mm and Cover width 130mm

From £ 4.84 per meter

Ex V.A.T. and delivery

Co2timber Closed Rian Screen Diagram

Co2timber Rain Screen Closed Cladding
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SKU Size Price per length
RSC-79HGWRC19mm X 65mm X 3600mm£ 17.42
RSC-80HGWRC19mm X 140mm X 3600mm£ 22.74

To order please Click here to contact us or call us on 01460 281225 - email
To order please Click here to contact us or call us on

01460 281225

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The sophistication of cladding design continues to evolve and contemporary architecture demands cladding systems that are clean with obvious features and multifaceted geometries, furthermore it should strive to achieve a high-performance structure with limited maintenance.

Contemporary cladding assemblies generally consist of boards of one or two widths fixed to upright supports with or without a gap between the boards. If required the open joints between the boards and the air space created between promotes air movement.

Rainscreen cladding consists of rhomboid shaped boards equally spaced apart to form a decorative fa├žade.

Our modified rhomboid shaped Closed Rainscreen interlock to give a fixed 10mm gap between boards and prevents air circulation.

Is among the most popular softwoods used today it's natural resistance to decay and moisture absorption means it can typically be installed without treatment. Rated BS EN 350 class 3 moderately durability, (see about cedar page) and is subject to little movement when installed.

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