British Western Red Cedar Internal Cladding

For a more rustic look and feel (featured wall) please see our Character Grade Timber

For hardwood and imported timbers please see:- Canadian Western Red Cedar   -  Siberian Larch  -  Hardwood Balau   -   Red Grandis   -  Scandinavian Redwood  -  British Larch  -  Thermal modification hard and soft wood

Co2timber Rain Screen Cladding
Rain Screen Open
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Co2timber Rain Screen Closed Cladding
Rain Screen Closed
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Co2timber PTGV
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Co2timber shadow Gap Cedar
Shadow Gap Planed
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Co2timber Co2 shadow Gap cladding
Co2 Shadow Gap
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Co2timber tongue and groove cladding
Tongue and Groove
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The Introduction of timber to your home adds warmth, comfort and can make your house feel homely regardless of which style you chose to adopt whether it is a "classic" "contemporary" or a "rustic" look.

Gone are the days when if you installed timber cladding in your home yours probably looked similar to thousands of homes in the UK. Back in the 70`s – 80`s when interior timber cladding was a very popular choice of wall covering there was little choice in style.

Today however with the introduction of more advanced machinery there are a great many types (profiles) available to you, this coupled with an increase in the types of timber available has given you the opportunity to create a bespoke look to your interior cladding.

The wonderful thing about interior timber cladding is that it is simple to install with great thermal properties and it is cost-effective. It can be fitted professional or on a DIY basis and can be painted, stained or left with its natural colour.

We as a timber cladding manufacturer offer a variety of Internal cladding profiles whether classic, modern or rustic in several types of timber – Home grown (uk) or Imported.