FAQ about Redwood

Why use Redwood ?
What is the quality of Redwood
Is it necessary to treat Redwood with chemicals for preservation?
What fixings should I use?
What type of cladding should I use?
What can I use Timber Cladding For
Do you supply finishing products
Can we deliver.
How do I work out the Square Meter Required.

Q. Why use Redwood ?

A. Our Scandinavian Redwood is PEFC Programme for the Endorsement of Forest is a world wide umbrella organization endorsing a national forest certification systems. And FSC Forest Stewardship Council complaint.

It has Continuity of supply
Sustainable Softwood
Excellent for Cladding
Good durability

Q. What the quality of Redwood ?

A. Redwood is a high quality strong softwood, Grade 1 to 3 Unsorted Grade (the best grade) (please see about Redwood) We have strict quality control and check each individually piece of timber befor shipping to our customers.

Q. Is it necessary to treat Scandinavian Redwood with chemicals for preservation?

A. No. You do not need to treat Scandinavian Redwood, It is a durable softwood timber. Should you wish to maintain the natural colour of the timber a treatment will be needed, we recommend a product called Osmo please see www.osmouk.com.

Q. What fixings should I use?

A. Because of the natural oils in Redwood stainless steel fixings must be used. There could well be a reaction with steel/galvanised screws/nails which could result in some stain marks.

What type of cladding should I use?

It's very much a personal choice depending on whether you want a rustic, traditional or contemporary finish.

What can I use Timber Cladding For.

Due to it adaptability there are thousand of situation which lend themselves to cladding with Redwood timber rather than PVC or alternative materials. Typical uses :- Private and Commercial dwellings, offices, Car parks, Summer houses, Conservatories, garden offices/workshops, Fencing. In fact, any project which lends itself to a cladded facade. We have some images on our Customer Projects page and our Pinterest page.

Q. Do you supply finishing products?

A. Yes we sell corner trims. Please ask for details.

Q. Can we deliver?

A. Yes we offer a delivery service to all areas of the UK. We can also offer international deliveries by request. Please see our Delivery Page.

Q. How do I work out the Square Meter Required?

A. You multiply the height or width in meters by the length in meters. Or use our area calculator

Enter Length and Width to get Square Meters Area

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