Siberian Larch Cladding Battens

Siberian Larch battens


Siberian Larch Kiln Dried

Why hang your profile cladding on inferior timber battens when you can hang them on the ultimate larch cladding battens.

Our battens are 22mm X 45mm X 3048mm and can be used in the installation of the following cladding:-

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Siberian Larch battens

Siberian Larch are a adaptable product and can be used for a variety of applications such as Trellis - Trim - Slatted screens - Horizontal fencing - Vertical fencing - open joint as well as hanging your cladding on.

Redwood provide a durable friendly to work with product that will out perform similar types of timber, and provide the added, and very important bonus of being an environmentally friendly building material.

Based in Somerset we deliver locally and nationally.

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Size in mm 3048mm length
22mm X 45mm £7.89

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